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Kotobabi – Alajo Rd, Accra – Ghana

Monday–Friday: 7:30AM–6:00PM

Morning Class: 08:00AM–13:00PM
Evening Class: 14:00PM–18:00PM

About Us

Who We Are

Charthess School of Fashion is accredited by the National Vocational Training Institute (N.V.T.I). Situated in the heart of the city of Accra, Charthess School of fashion is a vision that has taken concrete shape fifteen years ago.

Charthess is your ideal school of creative and illustrative fashion skills. At Charthess, we share ideas about how to transform the global fashion industry. Charthess gives you the tools to create a lifetime career.

From beginner level students to advanced level students, our academy is focused on one-on-one training service following each student’s characteristics and skills. Students will develop specified skills depending on the program chosen. At the end of the course, students will prepare materials for their own portfolios.

Hands on Research

A traditional lifestyle at our skills centre is our ability to harness the efficiency of the world wide web to our advantage and knowledge.

Dedicated to Your Success

Success to us means; doing something over and over till you've hit the target mark. We set success as a major priority in every endeavour.

Classic Experience

Nothing feels so good than knowing that you have so much knowledge in your field of work. Anyday with us is an opportunity to learn something new.
I've been in Charthess for almost 3yrs , when I enrolled, I wasn't able to even sew nor thread , but with the help of the Mrs. Diamond, now I'm a stylist.

Harry Hansen Thompson

The school and it's environment has been a great impact in my life. Teaching and learning is easier due to the teacher and student relationship

Kumah Rejoice

The instructors have time for each and every student and they teach us to our understanding. I can proudly sew now because of Charthess School. Thank you

Eklu Enam Emelia